Peel-off Sticker birdsToday I decided it was time to dust off the Alcohol inks and have a play.  It’s been a little while, so I had fun creating a few pieces that you will see over the course of this week.

I thought I would put away the stamps for this project as I know that not everyone is a keen stamper.

I started this background with glossy white card and then applied Orange, Purple Twilight and Stonewashed blue alcohol ink.  I used sweeping movements so I had streaks of colour rather than dots and dabs.  I then spritzed it with Stazon spray cleaner to get the mottled effect. Isn’t this background fabulous!  My first idea was that it would make an amazing starry space scene backAlcohol Ink Backgroundground…  if only I knew someone with some Alien stamps (eh Rocky! :-)).

I just love the way that the stazon has reacted with the inks!  But, I didn’t have anything on a space theme, so thought I would use my birdcage peel-offs instead!

I started by sticking down the birdcage – allowing room above for the branch and the birds.  I was concerned that if I did the branch first I would do it too low and not leave enough room!  I stuck down the branch and the birds and then drew in feet on the birds, a hanger for a birdcage and extended the branch to the end of the card with a black pen.Alcohol inks with peel-off stickers

To make them all stand out I coloured them in using the white gel pen.

I also added a subtle black border and then added the words from a different peel-off sticker sheet.

Now it doesn’t look spacey at all!

So even if you are not a stamper, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with Alcohol Inks to create amazing backgrounds.

Click here for the Woodware Birdcage Sticker (also available in silver)

happy crafting






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