folded bookI’ve wanted to try my hand at altered books and folded books for some time.  I’ve been collecting books here and there on my travels and neatly storing them on the bookcase ready for a brave moment.  My reasons for not trying are two-fold (pardon the pun!).

1.   Even though I’ve bought old books…  I then don’t want to ruin them by doing an artwork piece that doesn’t work out

2.  I couldn’t decide where to start!  I want to try so many different altered book techniques and I couldn’t pick which one to start with.

We had our craft club on Friday and one of our lovely customers bought along her beautifully folded books to show us.   I was so inspired I thought that this week I MUST have a go.

So to get over the ‘precious book’ issue – I stopped off at the charity shop today and found the cheapest… most boring looking book I could find so it wasn’t precious at all – then went straight home and started straight away.

folded bookI have spent hours on Pinterest looking at ideas and I had a brief look through some of the free folding patterns available on the web, but I thought, me being me.. has to have a play on my own terms.  So, I thought I would just mark some lines and fold a pattern and see what happened.

I marked a central line along the edge of the pages in pencil and then measured an equal distance line either side (doesn’t matter what measurement – because it depends on the size of your book if you have a go yourself.

I thought I would fold the pages in batches of threes to make the pattern stand out.

folded bookThere is only one major blip – which occurred when I had a break and come back to it.. but I am not going to point it out – you have to see if you can spot it!

Next I want to do the same pattern but in a different number of pages to see how different it looks

Part Two…. well that will be decorating the cover – which is another altered book technique I want to try.  That will have to wait for another day (possibly another week!).

If you fancy having a go – don’t be precious like me… just dive right in!

happy crafting


Have you found me on Pinterest yet… here I am…..


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