Key cabinetWe have had some lovely new wooden items arrive in the shop that are lovely to decorate with tissue paper decoupage or paint.  I just love these little key cabinets!  They’ll be on the website soon – but meanwhile you can call to order.

I started by adding a coat of gesso all over the cabinet so that I had a white neutral base to start from as I wanted to use very pale papers (if I was using dark papers, I would have worked straight onto the wood).

I used two main designs of paper, the pink rose one for the door, and a pale grey patterned one for the body.

We now stock the decoupage medium in matt and gloss so you can choose your preferred finish.

I’m still decided how to finish it off inside.  It either needs another coat of white paint just to give it a better finish, or I may put in more papers…. I ran out of time to finish it this week!

June27aJune27This is how the cabinet looks when you start.  I plan to paint one too… maybe with a bit of stamping on it too.

happy crafting



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