Something a bit different today – a bit of blog hopping!  I was nominated as part of the creative blog hop by Veronica of  Vron Cards.  I should have some bloggers to share with you to then share their own blogs next week, but unfortunately all my favourite bloggers have full schedules this month and don’t have time to share themselves…. So – I decided that what I would do instead is answer some questions about me as a crafter and then just share some of my favourite blogs that keep me inspired regularly!

A little about me…  I am married to Pete and have lived in Norfolk for a number of years after moving from Essex to ‘escape to the country’!  We have our two furry companions – Molly the Dog and Finlay the Cat to keep us busy!  I worked for a number of years as a Senior Administrator in the University of East London before my Norfolk move and have since worked in admin for Break Charity for 6 years.

I’ve always been creative.  I used to sit and draw, was a bit addicted to my spyrograph for a while (that shows my age), and enjoyed taking art at school.  I was lucky enough that my art teacher was an amazing calligrapher, so I specialised in calligraphy during my GCSE, AS and A Levels.  My love of lettering and fonts as well as decorated illustrated Letters is still with me (no wonder I have so many script stamps eh?).

Aug17I had a gap of being creative for a few years after school, before trying different crafts and finding Cross-Stitch when it was all the rage.  I then decided to make my own wedding invitations and shortly after discovered Stamping on QVC.  With my first stamps delivered that was it.  Hooked… for life!  I love to try anything and everything with papercrafting, you don’t know where your skills lie until you try!  I am a big believer of creating things just because you can (hence my blog name).  You don’t need to have someone to give your art to, or someone to sell it to, if you get enjoyment from sitting and creating something then it is a positive part of your life.  I am lucky enough to have been published in a few crafting magazines and my worked shared on Facebook by some brands that I really admire.

1. What am I working on now?

This week it is baby cards to sell in the shop and Christmas card samples with IndigoBlu products.  We have had a run of babies in Attleborough and I’m all sold out of cards, but I haven’t made any for ages, so it’s a lovely excuse to rustle some up!  I’ve just got some of the new IndigoBlu Christmas stamp designs and some of their metallic paint to have a play with – so those will be next on my list.Aug16

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I think everyone’s work is individual, you all have your own favourite styles and colour palettes that you like to work with.  I often get inspired but all the creativity out there on Facebook, other blogs and on Pinterest and it’s good to sometimes challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and create something a little different.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I just have to create!….  I had quite a time where I was so busy setting up the new shop, that creativity had to go on the back burner for a while – just not enough hours in the day when I was getting the new shop established whilst still working for 2 days a week in an office job.  Now it’s completely different.  I’m now working for myself full-time (woohoo!) and I see my creative sessions each week as being a fundamental part of my work.  I get to inspire others with ideas and how to use the different products that I stock, make lovely samples to display in the shop, and also to design new and interesting workshop project ideas.  It’s not always easy to fit in making 7 projects a week as I blog daily, but sometimes you can sit down at the craft table not in a crafting mood – but the creativity soon takes over and I always feel so much better for crafting!Aug13

4. How does my creative process work?

Some weeks I have a set plan – like this week I know what sort of pieces I need to create, either to create some new cards to sell in the shop, or to make samples with some particular products.  Otherwise, I usually have seen something online that set’s me thinking…mmmm… I could try that technique with xyz stamp… or perhaps I haven’t worked with  a particular colour palette for a while?  If I am really stuck for ideas, I will rummage through my stash, pull out a few stamps, paints etc that catch my eye and challenge myself to see what I can create.  I find once you start, the ideas then start to flow and you end up with lots more project ideas than you have time for!

Well done if you are still  reading….  once I get talking.. difficult to shut me up I’m afraid!

Here are a few of my favourite blogs to get you inspired… enjoy!

My good crafting buddy Rocky – and be sure to visit her blog on Wednesday when she’s creating a piece for us!

I love love love Chocolate Baroque stamps – so their blog and challenge blog are always worth a visit!

I’ve met Karen many times at the various shows we both attend – she designs with Spellbinders and Tattered Lace dies and always has lots to see on her blog

IndigoBlu Challenge Blog is always great – I love to see what everyone creates on the same theme

I like to visit Barbara Grey’s blog (Clarity Stamps) – not only for her projects – but for her entertaining blog posts!

And of course, last but not least… you can’t help but be inspired by Tim Holtz – so many creative ideas and techniques!…


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