Post number 300 – wow – never thought I would post so many ideas (didn’t know I had so many ideas!).  Something different today for you.  I set myself a challenge this morning.  I have a busy week and weekend coming up so it means I need to get organised and get my blog posts prepared for the next 5 days.  However, the flaw in my plan is I only have 2 hours this morning available to do the crafting!  Oh well, never let it be said that I don’t like a challenge.

On to the planning!  Obviously I’m not going to be able to create complicated artwork pieces will immense detail, however, I can create lots of fun, bright funky artwork pieces that could also then be mounted onto cards if I wanted to!


Usually on just such an occasion when I am short on time I would raid my ready-prepared background box.  However, that’s taken quite a beating this month whilst I was feeling rough, and I have very little left in it – so the first job of the day was to rustle up some colourful backgrounds.  The Cosmic Shimmer Misters are the perfect tool for the job.  I gathered together a mix of cardstock – some ordinary mat white, some linen finish and some glossy finish.  I picked out three misters – Mango Blaze, Scarlet Mist and Aqua Lagoon and grabbed a couple of masks too.

I set about spritzing my cards.  All using two out of the three misters.  Some using masks too.  A quick blast with the heat gun and I have a whole batch of backgrounds ready to use!

It’s a useful tip to do this every now and then yourself.  Have a messy day and get some backgrounds ready.  Then on a day where you either don’t have time, or don’t want the messy crafting, they are at hand for you!

I set you the challenge – go forth and create backgrounds!  It’s fun – honest!

Come back tomorrow to see what I create with one of the backgrounds…

happy crafting



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