Woodware Poinsettia Box Peel-off STicker

Super quick project today!  I had to rustle up something for you whilst in the shop today and we’ve been busy busy busy!  So in-between serving customers today I painted a square cut piece of card with an aqua H2O pearlescent paint so it looked quite textured.  Once it was completely dry (a few customers later…) I used some low tack tape to stick across the back of the waste of yesterday’s peel-off (Woodware Poinsettia Box).  You need to make sure you have a grid of tape to keep the shape design and don’t worry if the teeny tiny bits don’t quite stick – they are easy enough to transfer after.

Woodware Poinsettia Box Peel-off STickerI then lifted the tape slowly using my pricking tool to lift each piece and make sure it was stuck to the tape.  I then laid it over my painted background and stuck it down.  Again use your pricking tool to help ease it off the tape and onto your design.

A quick line border and a few colour mounts to give it a finishing touch and all done!

I managed to find 10 minutes at the end of the day to blog… it’s been such a lovely day seeing lots of our regular customers and some new ones too!

happy crafting




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