PaperArtsy Tops & Tails 2 StampAnother project with the Tops & Tails 2 set from PaperArtsy today.  These lovely birds work so well on the vibrant blue alcohol ink background.  They have actually been double stamped as I experimented with lifting the colour from the bird’s bodies with a little alcohol ink blending solution…. it did lift a little… but also blurred all my stamped detail too!  PaperArtsy Tops & Tails 2 StampSo I thought what the heck, lets have a go at stamping over the top… a little tricky to line it up as it’s not a clear stamp – but I was only slightly out – so it gives this lovely bold finish!  Sometimes its worth trying if the project was heading for the recycling bin anyway!  The flower in the corner is one of the JOFY mini stamps.  What do you think – did I get away with the double stamping?????

back in a few days with another project!

happy crafting


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