PaperArtsy Stamp with BrushosI have a few new sets of PaperArtsy stamps that you will start to see appearing in my blog.  These are the gorgeous newly released designs (and due in stock any day!).  This first piece has been created using Brushos.  Have you had a play with these yet?  They are little pots of pigment powder that you can combine with water to make gorgeous backgrounds and also paint with them too.

I spritzed my background with water and then applied powders, and kept spritzing with water, applying powders until it was all quite watery which makes the colours blend nicely.  On this piece I tried to keep my colours in stripes – I’ll try and remember the colours I’ve used.. it was sea green, then I think ultramarine, then Purple and I think brilliant red.PaperArtsy Stamps with Brushos

I’ve then used the Brusho powder mixed with a little water to paint in the details.

Back again soon with another project!

happy crafting





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