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Live Laugh Love (was Post #169)

I am re-sharing this post.  Unfortunately I have had to delete the original as the spambots have got it in their grubby mitts and I’m getting 100 spammy comments a day on it!  yuck yuck!  It’s too nice a project not to be up on my blog – so here’s a little refresher (PS – I’ve got this mask in stock at the moment too!)  Enjoy it all over again!  Jane 🙂

When I saw this mask it was one of those I’ve just got to have it moments!  My current search is for masks with different words on so this really fitted the bill.  It is from Crafter’s Workshop called Mini Live Love Laugh.  I could just see endless possibilities to use the mask as a whole design like I have done here, or to use just individual words on different projects too.

I started by sticking down my mask with a little stencil tape and then began to outline the entire mask with a fineliner pen  (more…)

A Little Colourful Zentangle #269

Woodware Sprig of Holly StampToday’s card is made using the Woodware Sprig of Holly Stamp (now back in stock!).  This time I have worked my zentangle patterns using the coloured Sakura Micron Pens.  You can work quite simple patterns but they look so effective in the different colours.   The patterns I’ve used today are really simple and quick ones to do, so don’t be daunted to have a go at zentangling  – you don’t need to do the really complicated patterns to make it look good! (more…)

Zentangled Fox #258

Stampendous Penpattern Fox

I’ve had this stamp in the shop for a while and kept wanting one in my collection – well I finally caved in and had one for myself.  Isn’t he cute!  You obviously thought so too as due to this sample card, he sold out on Sunday – but don’t worry – I’ll get him back in stock again! (more…)

Love Zentangle #153

Love ZentangleI love to zentangle… its definitely an addiction!  I will quite happily potter with my pad and pen and create patterns.

I have another Zentangle workshop coming up later this week and wanted to produce some new samples to show the group to give them ideas for what other ways they can use zentangling.

For this piece I drew the word love first – you could always print out a word and trace it on a lightbox.

I divided the background with randomly drawn lines to create different sections that I could put my patterns into.

I’ve been busy browsing the zentangle books (we stock 11 different books with different patterns in them) – and also online to get ideas of some new patterns to try.  The ideal thing with zentangling is everytime you create something new, you can do new patterns and that then becomes your future reference to remember the patterns. (more…)