Bah Humbug Crazy Bird #379


Love the crazy bird stamps for a Christmas card with a difference.  I’ve used the Crazy Things accessories set to add his Santa hat and deflated balloon.  I found it easier to stamp the santa hat first, then mask it off with Stix2 Masking sheets and then stamp the bird.

The bird and balloon have been coloured using the Koi Brush Pens and a little water from a waterbrush to get a lovely watercolour look.

Perfect for a Christmas card with a difference!

Happy Crafting



OMG Tidy up my craft stuff?? #378

It comes to us all… the dreaded craft stuff tidy up!  It’s been a bit of a manic few months and when I’m busy, the craft stash piles just get bigger and bigger.  My stash is regularly back and forth between home, the shop, club and workshop venues and I’m constantly grabbing items out of boxes, so eventually it all just needs putting away and a good sort out!

I know there are a few tidy exceptions, buJan5bt most crafters I know tend to have a bit of creative craziness about their crafting area.  I don’t know about you, but I find the most difficult item to sort out is what to do with all your creations.  Some of the pieces I make I turn into cards, some are for display in the shop, but when I demonstrate I often create lots and lots of lovely artwork pieces and it’s tricky to know where to store them!

This is my work desk at the start of the process – piled high with half made artwork and samples.  I thought I would just gather everything together and sort through. I’m afraid some pieces didn’t make the grade.. not quite giving me any inspiration, so they were put in the recycling, but a lot of the half done pieces and backgrounds, I’ve kept to work on for another project.

Jan5It’s handy to have a stash of backgrounds in different mediums for those days you either want a dry background on the quick, or just don’t have the time or inclination to do the messy crafting.

Jan5aAll my finished pieces are now neatly put in one box and I have some plans up my sleeve to create them into some sort of journal or book so I get to enjoy my artwork.

So what do you find most difficult to keep tidy with your crafting?

happy crafting (or tidying)


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Blue on Green Flowers #377

PaperArtsy Harebell Stamp

Back to playing with the PaperArtsy flowers today!  Another of my pieces with a Distress Paint background topped with the flowers from the PaperArtsy Harebell set.

I quite like the randomness of the background on this piece.  You don’t always have to cover every part of the background with colour – white patches are good! (more…)

PaperArtsy Christmas #375

PaperArtsy JOFY04 Snowman stampAnother play with the JOFY04 Snowman stamp set from PaperArtsy.  I’ve stamped out the Christmas tree and the snowman before adding colour so that I can keep the snowman’s body free from colour.  The background is made wet before applying broken china Distress Paint in a stipple technique. (more…)

Plan B with IndigoBlu Giant Poppy #374

IndigoBlu Giant PoppyI’ve had a workshop scheduled in for this Thursday evening for a couple of months.  I was planning to do a lovely stamping project using the Tim Holtz Crazy Bird stamps.  Slight flaw in my plan though – can’t get hold of these stamps – they are like gold dust!  So…  I had to find an alternative project for tomorrow’s workshop.  Time for Plan B! (more…)

Swooshy Background #373

PaperArtsy topiary stampAnother swooshy background again today that has been created with the Distress Paints.  If you work with wet card and spritz water into the paint on your mat, you can get some beautiful swooshy blended backgrounds.

The stamps are PaperArtsy Topiary set and are again coloured by Distress Paints (are you detecting a theme with my posts at the moment haha?).  The white highlights are with the Sharpie white paint pen. (more…)

PaperArtsy Snowman #372

PaperArtsy Snowman StampLove this little chap!  This piece has been done with JOFY02 Snowman PaperArtsy Stamp set.  I started this piece by stamping out all my elements as I wanted to know where the snowman would be so I could work the background colour around him.

Once stamped I spritzed my card with water and applied some Broken China Distress Paint to my mat and watered it down a little.  Then with a wide brush I stippled the colour onto the background.  As the card is wet, it softens and disperses the paint to give you a snowy sky. (more…)

PaperArtsy Tulip #371

PaperArtsy Tulip StampThis turned out to be such a pretty piece.  The background has been created by using Distress Paints.  I have been demonstrating with them quite a bit recently, which has meant I have a lovely stash of backgrounds ready to work on.  This soft background is the second pick up – by that I mean that I have applied the paints to the non-stick mat and then picked up the colour with my card.  Then I have spritzed the paint and a new piece of card with water and picked it up again.  On this second swoop your colours will be much softer, more watery and you get some pretty results. (more…)

Happy Accident Butterfly #370

Memory Box Vivienne ButterflySome projects go perfectly to plan.  Some projects don’t!  I had an idea in my mind to make a glittered delicate acetate butterfly.  I used Stix2 Double Sided Tape Sticky Sheets and cut it just larger than my die, and a piece of Stix2 Acetate to the same size.

I stuck one to the other and  then cut my Memory Box Vivienne Butterfly with the die facing into the sticky sheet side.  The intention was for it to cut right through.  I cut back and forth through my Cuttlebug 3 times. (more…)