Sweet Poppy Stencil Butterfly TreeToday’s creation is using a Sweet Poppy Stencil – the lovely Butterfly Tree design.

I started by fixing my stencil down with low tack stencil tape and coloured the trunk of the tree using Distress Inks in a couple of shades of brown – with a little yellow added too.  I applied this using Cut n Dry foam.  Don’t worry if your brown ink goes over a few edges of butterflies when you are doing the little branches, it won’t notice once you colour the rest of the design.

I thought this would work really well with a graduated colour change – rather than picking out particular butterflies to colour individual colours – well not on this occasion – I will do that on another project another time! 🙂

I started with a dark purple at the bottom and then moved through shades of pinks and then reds.  They were all Distress Inks applied with Cut n Dry Foam.  Once you have finished applying all your colour, then gently wipe over the stencil with a cloth to remove the remainder of ink.

Sweet Poppy Stencil Butterfly Tree Sweet Poppy Stencil Butterfly Tree

The next stage is to apply the transulent dimensional stencil paste from Sweet Poppy.  You want to aim to do this in as few wipes as possible with your spreader, as it will tint your paste.  I keep a separate pot for my excess I remove – so all my tinted stuff goes together for projects where I cover with glitter and keeping my original pot tint free.

Remove your stencil and wash it straight away and then lightly sprinkle the tree with some glitter – just enough to give it a little sparkle.  You could use crystal or a colour – depends on what you like!

You then leave it to dry thoroughly.  At first it has a coloured milky appearance, but it’s like watching the old polaroid pictures (that ages me!)… when you see the picture and the colours gradually develop.

I’ve mounted it onto an 8×8″ card and rummaged through my offcuts box to find a couple of plain mounts.  I’ve added a dashed border just to bring it all together and the words are from a mixed word black peel-off sticker.

This is a fun technique to try!

There’s nothing new to report on Mollydog today – she had a comfy night – she’s due to start her treatment tomorrow.

happy crafting



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