Butterfly Tree #154

Sweet Poppy Stencil Butterfly TreeToday’s creation is using a Sweet Poppy Stencil – the lovely Butterfly Tree design.

I started by fixing my stencil down with low tack stencil tape and coloured the trunk of the tree using Distress Inks in a couple of shades of brown – with a little yellow added too.  I applied this using Cut n Dry foam.  Don’t worry if your brown ink goes over a few edges of butterflies when you are doing the little branches, it won’t notice once you colour the rest of the design.

I thought this would work really well with a graduated colour change – rather than picking out particular butterflies to colour individual colours – well not on this occasion – I will do that on another project another time! 🙂 (more…)

Love Zentangle #153

Love ZentangleI love to zentangle… its definitely an addiction!  I will quite happily potter with my pad and pen and create patterns.

I have another Zentangle workshop coming up later this week and wanted to produce some new samples to show the group to give them ideas for what other ways they can use zentangling.

For this piece I drew the word love first – you could always print out a word and trace it on a lightbox.

I divided the background with randomly drawn lines to create different sections that I could put my patterns into.

I’ve been busy browsing the zentangle books (we stock 11 different books with different patterns in them) – and also online to get ideas of some new patterns to try.  The ideal thing with zentangling is everytime you create something new, you can do new patterns and that then becomes your future reference to remember the patterns. (more…)

Blessed with Indigblu Poppy #152


Only a quick blog post today – we are a little anxious in the Aldridge household today as my poor dog Molly collapsed this morning and we have only just heard the results of her MRI scan – fortunately it seems to be more of an injury than some of the more serious possibilities it could have been.    She’s going to be in the vets for a few days having treatment so we’ll be missing our Molly cuddles for a few days.  I’ll keep you posted how she gets on once we have more info! (more…)

Blue Dovecote #151

Another creation with the free stamps from Creative Stamping Magazine.

This card iCreative Stamping free stamp sets such a simple design, but so effective and elegant.  I started by cutting a square piece of card so it would fit my 6×6″ card blank with a border mount.

The set has the most handy rose corner.  I stamped this in all four corners, overlapping a little to make a border with no breaks in it.

I then stamped my dovecote, masking the bottom so it didn’t overstamp my flowery border.  A final addition of the doves and the greeting and I was ready to colour.  I’ve done all my stamping today in Archival Jet black ink. (more…)

Lady in Yellow #150

Woohoo.. post number 150!  That’s 150 different creations I have created and shared with you all.  Now we are on the new blog you will need to visit my old blog to visit all my previous creations – but don’t worry I’ve added a permanent link to the top toolbar so you can always go and have a browse.

Today’s creation is using the fabulous stamps that come free with the latest issue of Creative Stamping magazine.  They are a lovely Summer themed set this time and as ever they stamp with the greatest detail of any expensive brand stamp you would use.

Creative Stamping free stamp set

These are a lovely mix of pretty summery designs.  The flower corner is a really handy stamp – and I just love the sign too. (more…)

Noah’s Ark #149

Noah's Ark by Woodware stamp I have been busy creating a card for a customer order today along a baby card theme.  I’ll post up my creation in a couple of weeks time, just in case the recipient is a facebook follower!  However, while I had all my baby products on the workdesk, I thought I would do some more cards for the shop.

I have had this Woodware Noah’s Ark stamp for a while, but this is the first card I have made with it.  I thought I would stick with the animals in their natural colours for this time of stamping – which in itself offered a bit of a challenge! (more…)

Big Purple Daisies #148

Well it was a morning of much head scratching, lots of counting to ten (and then some!) whilst I set up the new blog.  I am liking the bold clean lines of the new template and now that it is part of my website I’m hoping that lots more crafters will be able to find me too!  I would love to know what you think of the new design.

So after my techy morning, it got to the stage at lunchtime where I just had to create something…  an ideal escape for a little while away from the laptop!

I have just had a delivery of card.  I have been using it sparingly for the last couple of weeks because I was down to the bottom of my box – but hurrah – a delivery of 1000 sheet of A5 white matt and 1000 sheets of A6 high white glossy and some white linen card to play with too and for some reason when I have a huge stack of card on my desk it makes me feel just that little bit more creative!  I had run out of glossy – so that was my first grab.    It had to be something big and bold! (more…)

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome, if you have found this new blog… it’s currently under construction whilst we add all the design elements we want.  Meanwhile, you can visit my old blog here.  This new blog will be live in the next couple of days and it will have daily posts of crafting creations and ideas.


This is me! in my Norfolk shop.   This is one of the pieces I have recently created!


I hope you will continue to join me on my creative journey!

happy crafting